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Last Appointment: 4:00pm

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About us

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Osteo Holistic Healthcare offers integrative manual therapy with an emphasis on overall wellness, sports health, and rehabilitation – ideally in coordination with our clients’ other key healthcare providers (MD, DO, DC, DDS, etc.). Our primary objective is to help you reach and maintain optimal physical condition – for peak athletic performance or simply a healthy, balanced body.

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Osteo Offers


Personalized, professional treatment in the following specialty areas:

·         Craniosacral / Neuromuscular / Visceral / Trigger Point Therapy

·         Myofascial Release / Myoskeletal Alignment / Joint Mobilization

·         Clinical / Sports / Deep Tissue Massage / Lymphatic Drainage / Medical Cupping

·         Lymphatic Drainage / Medical Cupping

·         Personal Training

In Addition

To help with chronic pain relief, the prospective benefits of treatment include improved or restored:

·         Mobility

·         Flexibility

·         Coordination

·         Strength

·         Posture