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Welcome to osteo

a Holistic Integrative Medicine

We welcome you to a warm environment, with friendly staff members who wish to serve our patients in the best way possible.

What makes us different

Manual therapy


We use a combination of traditional and modern techniques to help patients feel and perform their best. We take the most effective elements from multiple approaches to tailor your specific treatment.

Sports and Rehab


We can help you get into shape, reach the next level - whether amateur or professional - or recover from an injury to continue your active life journey.

Orthotics Center


We offer Foot Levelers brand orthotic inserts to help maintain your body's equilibrium. They are MADE IN AMERICA using precision technology and support all three arches of the foot, which form the plantar vault; these factors differentiate our inserts and shoes from others.


Manual Therapy


Manual therapy is a non-invasive approach to restoring and maintaining the body’s equilibrium.

Massage Therapy


Clinical Massage. Also known as medical massage, this systematic approach to complementary...

Sports & Rehab

Personal Training. In keeping with our emphasis on a holistic approach to healthcare, we believe that exercise...