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First Appointment: 8:30am

Last Appointment: 4:00pm

Limited Saturday Hours


What can I expect in the initial consultation?
What takes place during a therapy session?
What should I wear?
Will I need to do anything post-session?
What are your rates?
Do you accept insurance?
What forms of payment do you accept?
Do you provide appointment reminders?
What if I need to cancel an appointment?
What if I miss my appointment?
How are Foot Levelers custom orthotics made?
How do I choose the proper functional orthotic?
Will one pair of functional orthotics fit all styles of shoes?
Why do I need to trim my orthotics?
Why is the 45-day break-in period important?
How often should I get a new pair of functional orthotics?
How do I care for my functional orthotics?