Monday through Friday

First Appointment: 8:30am

Last Appointment: 4:00pm

Limited Saturday Hours

Sports & Rehab

NFPT Certified Personal Trainer


We can help you get in shape, move to the next level - weekender or professional - and reach your fitness goals. To lay the foundation, we focus on ease and range of movement as well as balance, endurance, and speed.

Personal Training


In keeping with our emphasis on a holistic approach to healthcare, we believe that exercise is an important part of any long-term plan to achieve optimum fitness. We disagree with the notion that only dedicated athletes benefit from the services of a personal trainer. The right approach to fitness requires only the desire to take control of your health, the motivation to seek the appropriate means, and commitment to achieving your goals.


Mr. Arifi’s background as a competitive runner, soccer enthusiast, and hiker complement his extensive studies of human anatomy, motion, and established tenets of proper exercise and diet. He can:


  • Help clients assess their current level of fitness
  • Assist clients in working toward their objectives
  • Provide instruction regarding appropriate techniques tailored to the client’s individual needs
  • Provide education about the role of stretching, cardiovascular strength and flexibility exercises
  • Assist clients in keeping track of their progress

Group Classes


Are you more motivated and inspired when you're in a group setting? We can help you find the right local organization or even help you form one - all depending on your personal objectives. We've worked with families and friend groups. Exercise CAN be fun!

Stretching, Flexibility & Injury Prevention

We use the body's own weights, contraction & release mechanisms, and muscle memory to help keep you active and comfortable in your everyday activities and help prevent injuries that can occur along the way. We want you to feel happy in and with your own body.